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General Questions:

How long is the RBC Amplify program?

The Canadian program runs from May – August 2017.

We’re finalizing the location of the global teams. The location of the team and length of school break for the region will determine the length of the program.


Where is the RBC Amplify program located?

The Canadian teams’ home base is located in Toronto, Ontario.

We’re working on finalizing the home base of the global teams - stay tuned!


If I apply as a team can I also apply as an individual?

Aren’t you a keener! We love that. Yes, you can apply as part of a team and to individual postings for technical or business roles. To apply, click here.


What skills are you looking for in the business roles?


We’re glad you asked! Some of the skills we’re looking for include:

  • Strong communication skills and killer presentation abilities
  • Experience in stakeholder engagement and relationship management
  • Critical thinking, leadership skills, and project management skills
  • Not being afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside the box to advance solutions
  • A knack for identifying and articulating business value


Looking for more? Check out the job posting here!


What skills are you looking for in the technical roles?

Some of the skills we’re looking for include:

  • Experience or understanding of programming languages, databases, platforms, frameworks, design techniques and tools, code management tooling and/or web technologies
  • Creative and analytical thinker who is self-driven
  • Ability to challenge the status quo and think outside the box to develop solutions
  • Experience participating in hackathons
  • Experience with statistics, deep dive analytics, predictive modeling or algorithms 

To find out more about what we are looking for, check out the job posting here


What types of projects can I expect to work on?

It depends on which stream of the program you apply for:


You’ll be placed in a team with other rock stars like you. We give you a real business problem and the freedom (with the right amount of guidance) to solve it.

Last year, one of our eight student teams developed a mobile app for our travel insurance customers, and another team was tasked with creating an app that would help attract millennials to RBC.



You decide what project you will be working on! As part of the application you must pitch us your idea. If we hire you, we’ll be giving you the resources, coaching and support to develop your idea into an minimum viable product (MVP) state.


What resources and support will I get as part of RBC Amplify?

We know that training, enablement and mentorship are important to rounding out your experience. We offer our Amplifiers training and resources in: 

  • Agile methodology
  • Cloud Bluemix
  • Design thinking
  • Presentation preparation and pitch coaching 
  • More resources are available that are specific to the group you’ll be supporting.

Plus, each student team has an RBC lead, which helps mentor, support and guides the group as they build their solution.


What if I’m not graduating between August 2017 and May 2018? Can I still apply?

We love that you’re eager to get involved. At this point we’re only accepting students who will be graduating from undergrad between August 2017 and May 2018 OR currently enrolled in a post grad program.


There are tons of other job and co-op opportunities at RBC that you might be perfect for if you are in your first three years of undergrad! We post our summer roles at www.rbc.com/careers in January, and we hire students every term. 


Team applications:


What makes a good business challenge?

Ask yourselves if your idea: 

  • solves a problem or challenge that currently exists in the financial industry
  • requires multiple skills to solve
  • involves out of the box thinking
  • tackles a real point of friction
  • is disruptive, transformative or innovative


If you answered yes to all (or most) of these – then you’re on the way to a great business challenge! It’s important to communicate to us in your application:

  • What the business value is for RBC?
  • How you conducted an initial competitive analysis. Have you answered questions like, are there other products out there with a similar idea/service? What sets your idea apart
  • Who’s on your team? Make sure you have the right mix of skills and diversity of thought for your team to succeed.
  • Your known technical requirements.


What types of challenges is RBC looking for?

Think big! We’re looking for innovative ideas that require out of the box thinking and will transform and disrupt the financial services industry! We want ideas that will help us better serve our clients, communities and/or employees. Last year, one of our eight student team developed a mobile app for our travel insurance customers, and another team was tasked with creating an app that would help attract millennials to RBC.



Do all of the students on a team need to be graduating between August 2017 and May 2018?

Yes – all team members must be graduating from their undergrad program between August 2017 and May 2018 OR be currently enrolled in a post-grad program.


What happens if someone on my team drops out before our interview?

That would be a shame! But we understand that things happen. If someone on the team drops out it’s up to your team to find another, eligible student before your last interview date, and to notify us at amplify@rbc.com with your new member’s information.


If you’re not able to find another member, please make sure you contact us immediately at amplify@rbc.com so we can discuss options with you.


Can I apply as a team with less than or more than four members?

Unfortunately no. We ask that you apply with your killer idea and your four all-star teammates. We’ve found that four is the best number to achieve amazing results. If you can’t assemble a team, feel free to apply as an individual!


Application Process:


I’ve applied!  What happens next?

Hooray! Thanks for applying. We’ll contact all applicants November 7, 2016 whether they have been selected for interview. If you’ve been selected, you’ll be scheduled for an interview sometime in November.


When will I hear back?

We know it’s important to get closure so we’ll contact all applicants by 6 pm ET on November 7, 2016 whether or not they have received interviews.


Where will interviews take place?

Interviews are done in Toronto. However, there is a phone/video interview option if you’re not located within the Greater Toronto Area.


Why can’t I log-in?

The log-in feature is only available for RBC Amplify 2017 new hires. If you haven’t been hired (yet) don’t worry, you’re not missing anything crucial!  If you’re accepted to the program and have yet to receive your log-in info, please email amplify@rbc.com for help!


International students:

A diverse and global perspective is important to us at RBC. We’re currently in the process of finalizing the locations of our international Amplify teams. Go ahead and apply and stay tuned for updates!


~ Has your question still not been answered? Send an email to amplify@rbc.com! ~